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Chaffhaye's Hay in a Bag offers significant nutritional, practical, and economic benefits over dusty hay, pelleted feeds and other high-cost concentrates. We guarantee that Chaffhaye's Pasture in a Bag is the most nutritious, easily digested forage product on the market today, and we are committed to maintaining that leadership into the future.

Top Quality - A feed is only as good as its ingredients. Pure and simple. Chaffhaye is premium alfalfa, cut at the nutritional peak of the crop and bagged within hours of harvest to lock in freshness and natural plant juices. Chaffhaye is a superior source of roughage, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Chaffhaye is used to establish appetite in animals and support suitable levels of feed intake to ensure maximum growth and performance.

Highly Digestible - Airtight packaging locks in the nutritional value of premium forage. The fermentation process in the bag produces beneficial bacteria, enzymes and yeast that aid digestion, maintains proper pH balance, and supports animals in extracting more energy and nutrition from forage. With consistent quality, the digestive systems of horses and livestock no longer need to compensate for variations that occur in baled hay. Chaffhaye helps eliminate digestive disorders, and is successfully used to establish the healthy microflora in the gut of weaning animals. Because of improved assimilation of its nutrients by the animal, Chaffhaye is used to improve the immune defense in stressed animals after travel, antibiotics, wormers or vaccinations.

Highly Palatable - Chaffhaye's Pasture in a Bag is distinctive for its soft leafiness, natural sweetness, pleasant aroma and dust-free characteristics. It is coarsely chopped to reduce the incidence of choking. Excellent for restoring appetite or feeding finicky eaters.

Easy Storage - A ton of Chaffhaye occupies only 1/3 the space of baled alfalfa. Sealed bags allow storage indoor or outdoors, with no loss of quality. Unique packaging eliminates mess or leaf loss normally associated with moving baled hay.

Chaffhaye in the snow

No Hay Barns or Tarps Required!
Can your dry hay do this?

Easy to Transport - Its compact form and high nutrition density is easier and cheaper to transport. Ideal for travelers.

Free, Free, Free, Free - Chaffhaye's Pasture in a Bag is dust free, mold free, blister-beetle free and weed seed free. Being dust and mold free as a naturally moist feed, Chaffhaye is used to minimize the respiratory ailments of animals sensitive to dust or mold spores. Additionally, the fermentation process permanently blocks the germination of seed that may be in the forage, making it ideal for national parks or environments where foreign seeds are controlled.

Less Waste - Animals normally eat 100% of Chaffhaye fed. As a "pre-digested" forage, animals can assimilate (or absorb) more of its energy and vital nutrients. Animals on Chaffhaye produce up to 50% less manure, reducing fly populations and barnyard cleanup time. Chaffhaye has a two-year shelf life with no loss of nutritional value. Reduces "HayBelly" - Animals have less intestinal fill because less Chaffhaye is required to achieve nutritional needs. Within ten days of feeding, the stomach will begin to tuck in. This makes Chaffhaye the ideal feed for saddled and show animals.

Cost Effective - Chaffhaye's Pasture in a Bag is cost effective due to a combination of factors including: Superior nutrition as a premium rated forage; Reduced transportation and storage costs; Long-shelf life due to weather-proof, airtight packaging; High palatability that reduces waste during feeding; Up to 50% less manure that reduces stall cleaning; Reduced vet bills from respiratory ailments caused by dust as well as reduced risk of colic as a pasture-like feed. Nutritionally, one bag of Chaffhaye is equal to 1.5 bales of good quality hay.

Customizable - By mixing Chaffhaye Alfalfa and Chaffhaye Grass in the desired ratio, you have the power to customize the protein and fiber levels of the ration to fit your specific need. Refer to the feeding chart provided under the FAQ-Horse section of this website.

Guarantee - Chaffhaye's Pasture in a Bag is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, please return it to your Chaffhaye dealer for replacement or contact Chaffhaye, Inc. for assistance.

As horses and other animals age, their digestive system becomes slower and less efficient. Teeth problems and trouble chewing can only make matters worse. As a result, it is harder for senior animals to receive the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain good health and conditioning. Without proper nutrition, your senior animal becomes more susceptible to diseases and parasites.
With its high quality, easily digested nutrients, Chaffhaye is the ideal feed for senior animals. Being naturally moist, it is easy to chew, even by animals with few teeth. No longer will nutrition be lost by soaking the
feed in water. Chaffhaye is ready to consume straight out of the bag. Also, the natural plant juices in Chaffhaye help maintain the fluid balance in the hindgut of older animals. Without proper fluid balance the hindgut can become dry causing life threatening impaction and colic. 
Based on direct feedback from our customers, Chaffhaye has made a significant improvement in the health of senior animals, many of which have been on the product for over 15 years.
Certified Weed Seed Free   
According to the National Forest Service, thousands of acres of public lands nationwide are lost each day to invasive non-native weeds. More and more, the National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and
National Park Service are requiring the use of certified weed-free feed when horse-camping, packing or staying on federal lands. Because Chaffhaye undergoes an all-natural fermentation process, the germination of seeds in the forage is eliminated. In fact, Chaffhaye has been independently tested and certified as Weed Free Forage. As an example, a Certification by the Nevada Department of Agriculture is viewable.

Blister-Beetle Free 
Blister beetle poisoning can occur from ingesting blister beetles (dead or alive) that are present in alfalfa. While ruminants are relatively immune to the toxin in blister beetles, horses are especially sensitive. Depending on the number of beetles ingested, symptoms in equine can include mild fever, severe colic and even death due to shock and cardiac failure. For this reason, Chaffhaye Inc. is vigilant against blister beetle infiltration. Even though blister beetles are not indigenous to our area, we continually monitor all fields making certain blister beetles do not occur.
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